Three VM (Virtual Machine) Architectures

Three VM architecture show in the figure, the host machine is equipped with the physical hardware, as shown at the bottom of the figure. An example is an x86 architecture desktop running its installed Windows OS, as shown in part (a) of the figure. The VM can be provisioned for any hardware system. The VM is built with virtual resources […]

Definition of Virtual Machine

A conventional computer has a single OS image. This offers a rigid architecture that tightly couples application software to a specific hardware platform. Some software running well on one machine may not be executable on another platform with a different instruction set under a fixed OS. A Virtual machine (VM) offer novel solutions to underutilized resources, application inflexibility, software manageability, […]

What is MapReduce used for

Now a days MapReduce use mani tech joint company for their data processing. such as: At Google Index construction for Google Search Article clustering for Google News Statistical machine translation wordcount, adwords and pagerank At Yahoo “Web map” powering Yahoo! Search Spam detection for Yahoo! Mail At Facebook Data mining Ad optimization Spam detection At research Astronomical image analysis (Washington) […]

MapReduce Operation step by step | with example

—MapReduce is a programming model Google has used successfully is processing its “big-data” sets (~ 20 petabytes per day). MapReduce requires a distributed file system and an engine that can distribute, coordinate, monitor and gather the results. Hadoop provides that engine through (the file system we discussed earlier) and the JobTracker + TaskTracker system. JobTracker is simply a scheduler. TaskTracker […]

detail of XEN architecture

Xen architecture is an open source hypervisor program developed by Cambridge University. Xen is a microkernel hypervisor, which separates the policy from the mechanism. The Xen hypervisor implements all the mechanisms. leaving the policy to be handled by Domain 0, as shown in figure does not include any device drivers natively.It just provides a mechanism by which a guest OScan […]

Server rack setup for Hadoop cluster

This rack setup is idel for Hadoop cluster setup, by which cluser become more fault tolerant. The highest layer of Hadoop is the MapReduce engine that deals with the information stream and control stream of MapReduce occupations over conveyed processing frameworks. Figure shows the MapReduce engine architecture helping out HDFS. Like HDFS, the MapReduce engine also has a master/slave architecture […]